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Louisville, KY​​

       Private Lessons in ​​
Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass 

Darville String Studio
Individually Structured Lessons on Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass 

Teaching Philosophy​

Expectations of the Teacher​​

We believe that anyone can learn an instrument. As teachers, it is our responsibility to mold our approach to the individual needs of each student while maintaining high levels of musicianship and technique
 Each student studies scales and arppegios, an etude, and a concert piece (decided on by teacher and student).
The teacher will also help with school or youth orchestra music as needed. Teacher will encourage students to participate in regional, all-state, and national auditions and competitions.

Expectations of the Student​

Semester Schedule 


In order to make progress each student must practice daily.  Listening to their pieces and other classical music daily is essential to learning the instrument. The student is encouraged to play in our end of semester studio recitals. 


Fall Term:
August 28th-December 15th (15 Weeks)

Spring Term:
January 22nd- May 18th (15 Weeks)

Summer Term:
By Appointment 


Instrument Rental


Have to go out of town ? No fear! We offer online lessons for situations like these. Don't lose the consistency of weekly lessons!

We also encourage beginners to take an online lesson between weekly lessons. This helps reinforce and build good technique and practicing habits from the start.


Online Lessons


Need an instrument? We can direct you to great places to rent. We are also happy to guide you in the purchase of your own instrument.

Can Parents come to the Lessons?


Absolutely! We like for the parents to be able to help guide their children during the week with reminders from the lesson.   

For more information on enrollment, payment, lesson times and any other questions please email or call Sila at:
[email protected]
Classical Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass and Piano Lessons